It was about 1800 when John Crawford built his log cabin here in what was then Pine Township.

John owned 403 acres, 88 perches of ground. His homestead was the first human habitation for miles around. It was not elaborate, this first house. The logs were notched, hoisted to form walls and the cracks stuffed with mud, stones and sticks. John Crawford's bed was crude, a platform built on forked sticks rammed into the dirt floor and covered with oak leaves and cattails. A bearskin blanket provided warmth at night.

Today, Pine Township is a haven for people who want to live in a suburban paradise. With homes built on tree lined streets and finely manicured lots.

And that’s not all. The Pine Richland School District is highly regarded Northern Allegheny County. Today that school district is considered one of the best in western Pennsylvania and residents are very proud to be a part of it.

So if you are looking for suburban living, with easy access to downtown, and well regarded schools, then Pine Township might be the place for you.